BPF Costs Officer / Chief Executive Officer

The general and active management of the affairs of the BPF is the responsibility of the Costs Officer who, under Board supervision, is the Chief Executive Officer of the BPF.  The BPF has entered into a Costs Officer Services Agreement with Welch LLP.

The Costs Officer shall avoid any obligation to a third party which would in any way be viewed as a conflict of interest and would limit or restrict the ability of the Costs Officer to fulfill its role. Welch LLP has agreed to abide by a strict Code of Conduct requiring all actions to be honest, in good faith, and in the best interests of the BPF and otherwise in accordance with applicable law. Welch LLP shall maintain the confidentiality of the records, information and affairs of the corporation.

Welch LLP is a professional services firm (Chartered Professional Accountants) located in Ottawa, Ontario. Welch has significant experience in administering funds in the Canadian and US telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.

Welch LLP also provides public accounting services including auditing, tax, and financial consulting services to a wide variety of private and public organizations.

Under the agreement between Welch LLP and the BPF, Mr. André Auger, CGA,CFE, has specifically been appointed as the Costs Officer. André is a Principal with Welch LLP. André has significant experience in administering costs submission programs. View a detailed resume for André.

All questions related to eligibility for costs support, or for assistance in submitting a claim, should be directed to André from our contact page.

For any questions or concerns about the level of service you are receiving from the BPF, feel free to contact Mr. Garth Steele, CPA, CA who is the Welch LLP Partner working with the BPF.

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